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Direct mail still has place among social, digital efforts

Many reports from advertising associations and other research firms have shown the value of including traditional direct mail in a multichannel marketing campaign.

As Thomson Local reports, some companies have started relying more heavily on digital forms of communication, such as social media and email, but one marketing professional says forgetting about the physical channels could be a mistake.

The Internet Advertising Bureau's director of marketing and communications, Sarah Haynes, cites research indicating approximately 25 percent of UK residents use Facebook and other social networking websites. She says that has been the main reason marketers are focusing so narrowly on the medium.

"Social [media] definitely is changing a lot of things, but it isn't the answer to everything. It can be over relied on and it needs to be part of a considered marketing strategy," Haynes claims, as quoted by the source.

Writing for Direct Marketing News, Brian Fetherstonhaugh also points out that companies are still spending more on direct mail campaigns - $56 billion - than the combined spend for search, display, mobile and email advertising.

Companies can increase their chances for success by adopting a direct mail solution to ensure they have the current, correct addresses for intended recipients.

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